Pictured from left-right: 

Toru Akaura, Masahiko Honma,

Keisuke Wada, Yusuke Murata

Incubate Fund is the largest seed stage VC firm in Japan, and has the operations in Tokyo, Singapore, and Bangalore. They’ve invested in over 150 startups for the past 5 years, and currently manage a 200M USD fund. Their motto is “First Round and Leading position. Not only do they provide portfolio companies with the first outside money as lead investor, they help shape the business and lead them to successful Series A and B funding. Their fund is strongly backed by seasonal Chinese and Japanese investors including Tencent, LINE, Yahoo Japan, SEGA, DeNA, Mixi, TBS, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, and Japan’s government fund.

KK Fund (Singapore)

Pictured from left-right:

Koichi Saito, Alan Kuan Hsu


KK Fund is a VC fund investing in seed stage internet and mobile startups across South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The fund has so far invested in 18 startups across 4 investment themes: Marketplace, Fintech, Logistics, and Media & Entertainment. Investors in KK Fund include Incubate Fund, SEGA, Mistletoe, Septeni, D2C, MCFIVA and Nishikawa Communications.

Incubate Fund (Singapore)

Dave Kwong

Incubate Fund India (Bangalore)

Nao Murakami

Incubate Fund India is a VC Fund investing in seed stage internet and tech startups in India. It is backed by Incubate Fund in Japan. The fund started investment in late 2016 and, so far, invested in 9 startups. The focus areas of the fund are including B2B commerce, fin-tech, real-estate tech, enterprise SaaS, mobile entertainment, and gaming. The fund takes hands-on approach and highly engaged with portfolio startup’s day-to-day business.

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